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Tricks Backyard Renovation

Once you have a visualised version of your backyard in your mind, the next step is to write it down or draw it. It doesn’t have to be to scale (it is better if it is, though) but the drawing does need to have realistic boundary lines so that you can insert the details. Start with drawing the outside lines of the yard, that is, the walls of your fence and wall of your house, assuming that the yard has three fenced walls plus the one wall of the house facing the backyard. Essentially you should have a boxed outline. Then draw in the fixed components, such as any outside buildings, garage, swimming pool, etc. Now you’ll be able to see the parts that are not occupied by any components. These are the parts that you can use for the design of your backyard.

Next, you need to establish how much of this blank space you want to pave, plant grass, or add a garden. Where should the pathway go and which sections should be paved? Once you’ve allocated

Decorating the Pathway in Home

Pathways are extremely important when it comes to homes. People don’t want to step on the grass in order to get to the door in case there is damp sand that gets stuck to their shoe. It does not need to be anything special but there has to be some kind of guideline.

People love the idea of walking between rose bushes or trees to get to their final destination. To the guest or the homeowner, that greenery can seem like a path to a sanctuary. In many fairy tales, a hidden cottage is found in the middle of a beautiful forest that can only be seen by a special person.

Be careful of creating paths or patterns in perfect geometric shapes. It may seem pleasing to the perfectionist but a person who has to take a turn at a sharp corner may simply cut across the grass because it would be easier that way. If you really want to keep people on the pathway, you can add a few leafy plants along the side of the walkway which

Aeration Is Important for Lawn

To get the most out of this practice, consider aerating your lawn in spring or early summer. This will greatly help the lawn to develop extensive roots before summer stresses and heat hits your yard. Also, this will help the lawn when it comes to taking full advantage of any rain which falls during the hot season.

Bear in mind also that aeration will maximize the possibility of each fertilizer and weed control application through the entire year and into the next year. If you apply fertilizer during spring, it will be high in Nitrogen and will already be giving your lawn with the best green-up possible. Be reminded though that the spring fertilizer application will contain very little Potassium. This is the nutrient that encourages root growth. Summer fertilizer treatments, on the other hand, contain slightly higher levels of such nutrients. Thus, it is very important that aeration must be done after your summer treatments to assist those root building nutrients to easily reach the roots. Experts further emphasized that adding fertilizer after aerating your lawn is not necessary. What

Tips Protect Wooden Fence

Coat with a High-Quality Paint

Exterior paints are designed to provide more of a protective UV coating than stains; and outdoor paints do an excellent job of making sure the underlying wood is shielded from all elements, no matter how harsh. If painting is your protective-coating of choice, do not skimp on a lower-quality paint or primer designed for outside use. The primer is your fences’ true ally since it is the primer that will maximize the paint’s ability to adhere.

The UV inhibitors built into exterior paints remain a tough contender against the elements month after month and year after year. It’s also vital to paint during a time of day when the sun is not too high in the sky and when the peak temperature of the day is not present – early morning and early evening work best. When outside heat dries paint too quickly, adhesion, again, can become compromised.

Cover with a High-Quality Solid Stain

Stains, of course, have a much thinner consistency than paint and will do a very effective job of soaking into the wood’s pores to prevent water accumulation of any kind. Solid stains – also called

Patio Furniture for Summer

Invest In Simple or Decorative Covers

It’s easy to forget that while summer surely brings heat, it also brings some of the highest levels of rainfall all year. Luckily, investing in some simple patio furniture covers is an easy way to deal with the heat, the sun, and the rain all in one. These covers, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, won’t set you back much. More importantly, they will save you from having to make replacements from sun and rain damage in the long run.

Screen-in Your Space

Furniture covers are great when you’re not outdoors, but how do you protect from the elements while enjoying your outdoor space? Enter patio screens, which reduce the heat and sun that reaches you so you can stay cool while still enjoying the warm summer days. As an added bonus, this will allow you to relax outdoors on summer evenings without having to spend your time swatting away mosquitos or gnats.

Distribute Citronella

If screening your space isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to the wrath of summer bugs. Luckily, this also doesn’t mean coating yourself with

Spotting Dangers When Mowing Grass

If it is an area you have not mown previously, try to make sure that it is at least reasonably flat. Things such as raised bumps or creases in the land can be devastating for a lawnmower. If the ground looks particularly bumpy, it will be very sensible to consider rolling it and eliminating those crinkles and bumps before you start on it with your mower.

Keep an eye open for electric cables. These can be particularly dangerous if they were buried underground and not in compliance with regulations. That means that although they should be at a certain minimum depth and protected, some people in the past might have simply buried them at a shallow depth and in ordinary electric sheathing which might mean they start to protrude above ground over time. Hit those with a lawnmower and you could be facing serious problems.

If you are mowing in an area where there are electrically-driven fountains or lights, be sure you know where the cables run and that they are safe.

Be clear that you know how to safely operate or drive your lawnmower. It doesn’t matter whether it is a zero-turn lawnmower or a walk-behind

Green Space Spring Ready

First things first, you should sharpen your tools. This means shovels, pruning shears, lawnmower blades and anything else you can sharpen. Getting them work ready will save you time when you actually want to get to work in the garden. Rubbing mineral spirits on wooden tool handles will reduce splitting which may just save you from the dreaded splinter.

Get that soil ready before you start to plant. That is, you’ll want to clean up any leaves or debris that has settled there over the winter, but you also want to rake it and get some air into it. This is a great time to add compost for extra nutrients, mix it in well and you’ll be good to go once planting season is here.

If you have a new garden, if you want to re-do your garden or if you’re starting from scratch the best thing to do is draw up a plan. What do you want your garden to look like when you’re done? Do you want big items like trees in there or will it be an annual bed? Most will go with a combination of the two so they have something pretty

Planting Summer Bulbs

Make sure you will plant the bulbs in the best area in your garden. Make sure you will be planting the bulbs in areas that have the ideal conditions. This is especially true for perennial bulbs or the ones that hardy in your zone. For instance, many of the tropical summer bulbs thrive only in really warm, sun-bathed sites. Other species, such as canna or elephant ear, flourish better in moist areas and will even grow in shallow standing water. There are also some summer bulbs that won’t grow when planted in clay soil.

Never plant summer bulbs into the garden soil until it has warmed adequately. If you live in a cold area, start planting only when the spring air temperature is warm enough since summer bulbs planted in cold soil tends to rot easily. You can consider using black nursery pots to absorb the sun’s heat and warm soil if you can’t wait to start planting. However, don’t transplant the bulbs into the garden beds until you’re sure the soil is warm enough.

Always plant bulbs right side up. The roots should always be on the bottom of the planting hole. Although it can be

All about Paving Stones and Flowers

You can create a new twist on your grandma’s garden design. You can do this by creating a nostalgic garden from scratch in your own backyard. Native plants are usually defined as those plants that were growing naturally in an area and it include all types of landscape plants, trees shrubs, vines, ferns, flowers and grasses. You can find all these plants and more at your local nursery or garden centre.

Plant a range of flowers like petunias, oriental lilies, eucalyptus near a paving stone pathway or under a window so you can take full advantage of the soothing smell drifting on the breeze. The most practical way for gardeners to create a nostalgic garden is to keep your garden as natural as possible with more traditional plants. With a heritage of common styles and era ornaments your garden will have a retro feel. One idea is to plant geometric flower beds with cobblestones in between them. Other ideas would be to plant colourful flowers in an old fashion styled bicycle, or place a sundial in the middle of the garden to create a nostalgic ambience.

Consider using trees and shrubs that have beautiful leaves and

Info of Tree Trimming

• Safety harness-this is an important piece of equipment that a tree trimmer needs for their job. This piece of equipment ensures the tree climbers safety if they should fall. The most common type of safety harness is called the climbing saddle. It has nylon straps that securely fit about their thighs and waist along with an anchor in which to attach a rope with a carabineer. A carabineer is a coupling link with a safety closure.
• Climbing rope-this is used to help the trimmer too safely and efficiently climb the tree. The rope attaches to the carabineer on the safety harness, which holds the trimmer in the tree. This lessens the risk of injury should the tree trimmer fall. The climbing rope needs to be of good quality.
• Chainsaw-this machine comes in different sizes to accommodate large and small jobs. A small chainsaw has a fourteen or sixteen-inch guide bar and weighs around eight pounds. This size is good for doing trim work and removing limbs. The larger chainsaw can weigh up to ten pounds and have a guide bar of eighteen to sixty inches. These are necessary for tree removals and large limbs.

Chain Link Fencing


This type of fence is one of the most cost-effective options in the market and is easily installed by the home owner with basic do-it-yourself skills. Alternatively, the professional can be hired to complete the installation that has the potential to give many years of reliable service.

Minimal maintenance

The chain link fence is hard-wearing and resilient and requires minimal ongoing maintenance. This fencing is often galvanized to increase its durability and make sure it stands up to long-term exposure to the elements. This type of chemical treatment can even protect the fencing from rusting. This will significantly extend the usable life of the fence and lower the need to invest time and money on maintenance.


The chain link is a favored choice to easily contain small children or pets. This type of fence is easy to see-through and gives the option to keep an eye on the activity taking place in the back yard.


The basic galvanized and gray colored fence isn’t the only option to install at home. This type of fence has a variety of appearance options and easily improved with the vinyl coated fence

Planning Outdoor Kitchen

Try to incorporate elements that are already existing in the space. This way, you won’t have to radically alter your yard in order to bring your plans to fruition. For instance, if you currently have a flagstone walkway in this space, thing about putting the cooking or dining area on it. If you have a patio, try to place your actual cooking elements hear or set up a station with bar chairs and multiple surfaces for serving, dining and mingling. Always consider the needs and preferences of the people who will be using this space the most when establishing your layout.

Check out the supplies that are being offered by online sellers as opposed to looking for everything that you need in-store. You will usually find a much larger selection of goods to choose from. Moreover, given their lower overhead costs, online sellers tend to have lower prices and this will help you make your budget go further.

Consider the addition of an awning or other covering that will shield you and your guests from the rays of the sun. Additions like these are essential for keeping people cool during the hottest months of the year.

Must know about Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are LED lights that are usually solar powered and that light up our watery lives. They can be used in pools, ponds, on decks, on boats, in fountains and anywhere we feel a waterway needs some sprucing up.

Underwater lights for boats make your boat stand out and illuminate the water around it. They express a certain style and can either feature one colour or be colour changing depending on what you like. For boats, of course it is important that these lights are easy to install and that they stand up to the water, so they are water tight and easy to keep looking great year after year. The big cruise ships have been using them for years as they make a statement in the ocean, and now even the smallest of vessels can be brightened up by their presence.

Ponds may have water features or not and water features may be self sufficient or be a part of a pond. No matter, they have an underwater light for that. Imagine your fountain illuminated in shades of pink, purple, blue and green as the water shoots out, or, illuminate your pond for added

Deck Out For Summer

Step 1– Start from the outdoor area as it is prone to weather stresses. The walkway is the first thing to be dealt with. Flush the dirt in the walkway and find out the damaged bricks or tiles or pavers. Avoid voids while arranging tiles. Otherwise, they can cause maintenance problems. For concrete walkways, use masonry crack filler.

Step 2– As people prefer to spend their time on the lawn which is referred as a Vitamin D soaking, Take care of the lawn. Remove all weeds and garbage in the area to make it fresh. Apply weed-killing fertilizer if you are unable to weed out. Cover the bald patches by sowing grass seeds.

Step 3- De-gunk the bird bath which is placed in the outdoor area. Prepare a solution by mixing chlorine bleach with warm water. Rinse it thoroughly otherwise it may pose problems. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar. Remove the water and fill the solution in it. Leave it for some time before scrubbing.

Step 4– Clear issues pertaining to the furniture. Dust off the unused furniture and paint them with weatherproof solutions. If you have sprinklers in the lawn, then check for winter

Backyard Pool Area Decoration

While you are planning for having excellent decoration to your backyard pool then you must gather some awesome ideas regarding how you can do the decorations.

Choose stripped awnings: Decorations with awnings are always an eye catchy idea and in the case of designing of the pool surrounding, this special decoration will really give an awesome look. You can select shades of striped fabrics to make the pool extremely attractive.

Placing shade sail: While you are planning for decorating the pool area, you can try to get out of traditional designs like shades with umbrella and instead of that you can simply go for shade sail. This will definitely give it a modernized look and also will make the pool excellent.

Paradise setting: Pool area decoration is always a special type of decoration and here you can definitely think to go out of the way. If the pool area is vast enough then you can give it a natural look by arranging rocks and diving boards of wood. Placing these items, the area will become more aesthetic to the persons present here.

Use decorative stones: Different types of decorative stones are available in the

Making Outdoor Fireplace

You can use concrete because it is easy to work with but to make it attractive you will have to tint or paint it. Another important thing to do is assemble all of the proper tools ahead of time. What tools you will need will depend on the type of fireplace you are building, including the shape and size. For a large fireplace you may need to rent a small excavator or power tamp while a small one may only require a pickaxe or shovel. If you have decided to use brick and lay it yourself you will need the equipment that is necessary for bricklaying. If you decide on concrete you will need a cement mixer and a trowel.

The next thing to consider is how you are going to power the fireplace. If you have decided to use gas you will have to have a professional to run a gas line from the fireplace to your home. This has to be done safely and correctly to help ensure the reliability of the outdoor fireplace and to make sure there is no gas leak that could cause it to explode or catch fire. If you are

Automatic Garden Irrigation Systems

If you have been looking for the best options for automatic garden irrigation, there are options aplenty. there are certain features that you should expect from the automatic systems. Let’s mention them briefly:

    • Rain Sensor: This is extremely important for a judicious use of water. The irrigation equipment should go off whenever it senses precipitation, avoiding the waste of water resources when it is not needed.
    • Timer: The mechanism in place should allow you to set the time period after which you need to work. Consequently, it allows you to appropriately space out the irrigation for different species of grass that you might have.
  • Efficient Sprinklers: The automatic irrigation mechanism shall be mated to efficient sprinklers to make sure that the water is abundantly spread out yet there is no wastage.

The above are just a few of the features that are significant. And when it comes to offering products with all the above features, several experts have tried their best to walk the tightrope of practicality and features. Carefully assessing and choosing features that will gel well with your courtyard, is the key to having an impressive lawn.

Paving Tiles for Swimming Pool

Modern tiles are often geometric and symmetrical or the style has been exaggerated with asymmetrical tiles (different size triangles).

Travertine is a good example of how different shapes can be used to keep the backyard up to date around the pool. The tile comes in many different colours and is able to withstand weather change. The material is also able to absorb water allowing you to walk comfortably without slipping.

Limestone tiles have become common with home improvement and renovations. Not only does the paving tile neaten up the area around the pool but it can also resist different climate changes. Because it has a light appearance, it fits the modern profile.

Modern themes often work for any style house. The modern flair is flexible for most uses whether you have a geometric fountain in the front or a garden full of trees surrounding the pool.

The classic pools have more of a rough layout. Although rough, the area still looks good with its different sized stones and paving tiles. You will often find this look at water resorts for the cave concepts.

Flagstone has a natural appearance with its many shapes and

Landscape Drainage

These solutions are usually only used in worst case scenario situations but I wanted you to know the true options that are available that work. In most cases where there is a landscape drainage problem and let’s say there is only five inches of slope when you need ten inches a good drain expert can install a drain that will work by creating slope from the back yard to the front then leveling out to the street because water that is level still flows but not as fast. They will also be able to incorporate your downspouts from your gutter into the system so that the head pressure (the water pouring down the downspout from the roof) will help push the yard drainage water out. These are options that a good drainage contractor will be able to see, and then he will be able to let you know which drainage option will work best for you.

Now let’s say you have enough slope to do a regular drainage system in your yard. The question than is what does a regular drainage system consist of? A regular drainage system consists of catch basins, fittings and pipe. Let us

About Fireplace Designs

• Brick-this is the most common type of fireplace design because it is easy to install, easy to maintain, and durable. It also blends in with most of the contemporary home styles. The drawbacks with this design are you have to chop wood, use kindling, and matches to get it started. To keep it lit you have to keep adding wood.
• Gas-this one lights instantly and has temperature adjustments, which are remote controlled. It uses no real wood so it is pollution free and requires less maintenance because there is no chimney. To accelerate the warming of the room there are blower fans installed in the fireplace.
• Electric-this design is ideal for homes that are small or do not have a chimney. You can easily install this design without remodeling the home and come in different sizes and shapes. They are also pollution free and portable.
• Stone-this design retains heat, durable, and efficient. They are low-maintenance and can blend with other fireplaces. They are also reasonably priced.

One thing to note is that if your home does not have a chimney you will have to have one built if you want a real wood