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Aeration Is Important for Lawn

To get the most out of this practice, consider aerating your lawn in spring or early summer. This will greatly help the lawn to develop extensive roots before summer stresses and heat hits your yard. Also, this will help the lawn when it comes to taking full advantage of any rain which falls during the hot season.

Bear in mind also that aeration will maximize the possibility of each fertilizer and weed control application through the entire year and into the next year. If you apply fertilizer during spring, it will be high in Nitrogen and will already be giving your lawn with the best green-up possible. Be reminded though that the spring fertilizer application will contain very little Potassium. This is the nutrient that encourages root growth. Summer fertilizer treatments, on the other hand, contain slightly higher levels of such nutrients. Thus, it is very important that aeration must be done after your summer treatments to assist those root building nutrients to easily reach the roots. Experts further emphasized that adding fertilizer after aerating your lawn is not necessary. What you must do is to water it. Water will help in breaking down the cores left in your yard and is often efficient on the newly exposed root system.

This will greatly depend on your lawn’s condition. Visual results may or may not be seen after a single aeration. But it is guaranteed that root growth, overall health, and stress tolerance will be improved. Aeration combined with an efficient fertilizer and weed control program, even in the toughest conditions, will certain show a very dramatic visual results in the 2nd year after a second aeration.