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Tips Protect Wooden Fence

Coat with a High-Quality Paint

Exterior paints are designed to provide more of a protective UV coating than stains; and outdoor paints do an excellent job of making sure the underlying wood is shielded from all elements, no matter how harsh. If painting is your protective-coating of choice, do not skimp on a lower-quality paint or primer designed for outside use. The primer is your fences’ true ally since it is the primer that will maximize the paint’s ability to adhere.

The UV inhibitors built into exterior paints remain a tough contender against the elements month after month and year after year. It’s also vital to paint during a time of day when the sun is not too high in the sky and when the peak temperature of the day is not present – early morning and early evening work best. When outside heat dries paint too quickly, adhesion, again, can become compromised.

Cover with a High-Quality Solid Stain

Stains, of course, have a much thinner consistency than paint and will do a very effective job of soaking into the wood’s pores to prevent water accumulation of any kind. Solid stains – also called opaque stains – contain a higher concentration of color than semi-transparent stains and because of this, will cover the underlying grain of the wood.

Cover with a High-Quality Semi-transparent Stain

Semi-transparent stains possess less pigmentation than paint and solid stains. Due to this medium’s translucent nature, the grain and texture of the wood will be allowed to show through; and the look can be very stunning. The down side to semi-transparent stains is the fact that they do not have the degree of UV protection that paint or solid stains do.

Cover with a High-Quality Sealer

Covering your wood fence with a sealer will prevent the wood from rot. Sealers act like a wax on a car; and aside from being waterproof, this product will help to maintain the color of the fence as well as stabilize the coated wood by allowing any excessive moisture to pass out of the wood gradually through the film. Sealants will, also, stop treated lumber from chemical leaching and contact with humans, pets and plants.